Deadline for objections to the RDC New Local Plan is 07/03/18, there are multiple options to submit your views in time, thus :- Online - E-mail - FAX - 01702 318181 Post - Planning Policy Council Offices South Street Rochford. SS4.1BW Online -Note you must choose the OBJECTION option otherwise the system defaults …


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AGRO - Action Groups Resisting Over-development in Rochford, Essex. Bringing everyone together, as one voice. Follow and join in with the local community. Have you say and make sure Rochford District Council does the right thing. If you wish to write a post / add content, please use the contact form below to request access. …

Jim Cripps

Action Groups Resisting Overdevelopment - UPDATE :- Phase 1 ( Issues & Options stage ) of the RDC New Local Plan closed to Public Consultation on 07/03/18 , RDC are now ( March ) reviewing the input. We have a meeting to review feedback in April. Phase 2 ( Preferred Options stage ) is now …

Robert Waite

Go to dhfc on Facebook then down to debate in parliament there are issues in that debate that could support you over metropolitan green belt and Hawkwell athletic football club. Up The hamlet.

Jim Cripps

Latest revision to the NPPF ( Housing Legislation ) - appears to be dismantling the Principal of the Green Belt, giving the Developers more say and basically forcing Councils to meet OAN estimates of housing numbers. Ask your MP if he/she is comfortable with the Government's Green credentials these days.......😏😏

Carole Shorney

Radio 4 programme on tomorrow: A Greener Home For All Costing the Earth Our homes and their construction have a huge impact on the environment. The construction industry is estimated to contribute to 40% of worldwide energy use and in the UK alone the building sector uses more than 400 million tons of material a …

Frances Adams

Alan JamesAlan James, Hawkwell Update on some local issues Hockley Residents Association (HRA) sub-committee Action Groups Resisting Over-development (AGRO) are running separate meetings to tackle the RDC 7,500 additional homes plan. So far we have had positive meetings with our MP Mark François and Rochford District Council and additional meetings are planned. We asked for …

Jim Cripps

POLL below - sent mine by recorded delivery post ( because I am old Skool and don't trust the cyber world 🤔